Four-fold corrosion protection for door locks

There is a new form of corrosion protection for the use of door locks in acidic woods. So-called VCI protective covers are inserted over the lock boxes and release their anti-corrosive agents, which cover the metal surface like a molecular protective skin. This prevents direct contact between metal and moisture, and protects the lock from extreme conditions or acidic woods such as Oak or Accoya®. With this VCI technology for lock boxes, we supplement the TRICOAT-PLUS high-quality surface protection for the visible parts such as face plate, traction rod and locking elements. 4safecoating is the unbeatable total package for functional life over many years and protects the lock boxes down to the last corner.


D​ifferent materials with different densities, extruded together in a complex geometry designed to close doors and windows perfectly...
Maco weatherseals are little technological giants. With a considerable experience in research and development, the use of quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and computer simulations on how the weatherseals will behave during compression, we can find the perfect combination of material shapes and features.


The PREMIUM-PLUS surface finish offers maximum rust protection for our RUSTICO shutter hardware, as verified by external testing. The finely textured surface combines all mechanical properties in one. It is rust-resistant, scratch-proof and water and stain resistant. Even years of sunshine cannot harm the surface. PREMIUM-PLUS is generally applied to all MACO shutter hardware, and completed by specially coated screws. From the delivery date 1st January 2013, you will receive a 10-year guarantee on the PREMIUM-PLUS surface. PREMIUM-PLUS is available in deep black (RAL 9005), signal grey (RAL 7004) and traffic white (RAL 9016), as well as moose grey (RAL 6005) and chocolate brown (RAL 8017) for commission-based orders.

Questions and Answers


What is corrosion?

Maco weatherseals for windows and entrance doors come in many shapes and sizes: based on your door or window profile, our expert consulants will help you find the right sash, frame or overlap weatherseal.


Materials processed by MACO

​In order to allow the lift&slide systems (HS) to slide without friction and avoid the passage of air or water, you need weatherseals with a special geometry and high quality materials. Maco weatherseals enclose the whole sliding system without interruptions thanks to their welded corners.


Surface processing technologies

​In our in-house production we use seven different surface processing technologies: TRICOAT-PLUS, silver-look (electro-plating), RUSTICO-PREMIUM-PLUS (powder coating), anodizing, wet varnishing, vacuum deposition and PVC coating.


Why do I need surface protection?

The coating protects the base material against environmental impacts and signs of wear, offers decorative design options and improves technical properties such as slip and wear characteristics.

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PROTECT 4safecoating: Quadruple corrosion protection for door locks in harsh environments