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Do you know why our weatherseals are so airtight and comfortable? Because at Maco we design them together with hardware and thresholds. Weatherseals, hardware, threshold: a proven system of synergy that becomes the ideal solution for your doors and windows.


D​ifferent materials with different densities, extruded together in a complex geometry designed to close doors and windows perfectly...
Maco weatherseals are little technological giants. With a considerable experience in research and development, the use of quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and computer simulations on how the weatherseals will behave during compression, we can find the perfect combination of material shapes and features.

MACO weatherseals for...



Maco weatherseals for windows and entrance doors come in many shapes and sizes: based on your door or window profile, our expert consulants will help you find the right sash, frame or overlap weatherseal.


Lift & Slide Systems

​In order to allow the lift&slide systems (HS) to slide without friction and avoid the passage of air or water, you need weatherseals with a special geometry and high quality materials. Maco weatherseals enclose the whole sliding system without interruptions thanks to their welded corners.


Interior Doors

​Weatherseals that run along the three sides of an interior door frame, muffling sounds for improved comfort.


Floor Doors

The gap between the door and the floor can be closed with a rise and fall system: when the door is open, the weatherseal is hidden within a metal profile; when the door is closed, the weatherseal drops to prevent draughts and noise. It is an ideal system to make reinforced doors airtight or for soundproofing hotel doors.

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